Foonyap / Alder & Ash

Foonyap / Alder & Ash


Freitag, 25 Mai
20.00 Uhr

FOONYAP is a classically-trained violinist and vocalist with an incomparable sound. Drawing comparisons to Björk, Braids, and Lhasa, her latest release ‘Palimpsest’ is a therapeutic reconciliation with her sheltered Chinese-Catholic heritage and the intense classical music training of her childhood. Her performances captivate audiences with looped violin, mandolin, and voice creating “textured complexities” that showcase her “gifted and powerful voice” (The Reflector).


ALDER & ASH is cello taken to its absolute extremes of calm and violence. Montreal-based instrumentalist Adrian Copeland brings together elements of modern classical, noise, and doom, exploring the dichotomies of minimalism and maximalism, stillness and cacophony, terror and chaos. His music is grounded in minimal classical and post-rock, but it also reveals colours of black metal, industrial, classical impressionism, and ambient music.